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July 1st, 2009
08:44 pm
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If it ain't broke don't fix it
I suddenly realized that I'm always bored on my computer. This used to not be the case, so I started thinking back to what had changed.

Obviously a lot had changed in the past few years, so I focused on what I did when on the computer. Back then I was downloading software trying to get stuff done or just wanting to dick around. I dicked around in Maya, Premiere, Photoshop. I spent days looking through warez forums looking for applications that seemed cool or if I needed to get something done.
I also spent a lot of time doing almost constant maintenance on my computer trying to keep it running as smoothly as possible. This resulted in time spent defragging, running scans, keeping an eye on the firewall and doing my best to not fuck up my computer.

So what made that all stop? One word, linux. As geeky as it sounds, most of these problems went away or I got over the need to constantly try things out. Since I switched over, I just login and open a browser, I never have to think about what's running in the background or that I need to get off at 2am as the scheduled scan is going to run.

I don't use a firewall, anti-virus, or any kind of system cleanup tool. I used to use Ubuntu and it worked great for me, I liked that I had one spot to go to for applications and everything worked smoothly (for me that is). I've since upgraded to Arch Linux which was pretty hands on at first but now I hardly touch it.

I used to have to run updates routintely to keep things up to speed, I do it when I want something new. Worried about performance? Not a big deal, this thing is pretty damn lightweight. I have a rediculously old 6 or 7 year old laptop (Thinkpad T42) that runs it an it's on par with newer laptops that were built for vista.

Anyways, there's my geek rant and first real post in 3 or 4 years.

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June 30th, 2009
09:40 pm
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Damn you people and LJ! Why do you all still have to use it? I hate this thing!

Anyways, I deleted all the custom groups. Have fun kids.

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April 29th, 2007
08:39 pm
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Do I have a choice?
Besides, now I'll know who's still using LJ!

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your journal. (If you aren't already infected)

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December 11th, 2006
08:48 pm
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Belated post!
So, I said I would post at the end of the month, and I'm late by about a week and a half.

Soooo, we'll round it off and say it's been a month (because technically it's been like 1.35 months, so if you round it it's 1!)

Schools been going well, First 2 quarters of college were hectic, especially the first quarter. this past third quarter was much more manageable, although having a 20 hours/week job is pretty kinda puts the pressure on. I didn't complete the 120 hours required to pass the Tech 294 internship, so i'm going back next quarter to finish the remaining 30 hours. I maxed out the star reports in 2 reports (since i have an IT job, I was able to count stuff i did on the job towards the tech hours) so i didn't really have much else to go off of.
I'm starting a Circle K club at BCC, will start holding regular meetings next quarter, going to need to make lots of pretty posters and stuff.
Me and Helen are now dating, we've been together a little over a month now (according to her that is, I'm just going with it), I won't elaborate much, but things are going really well between us, we're both rediculously busy people, but we still manage to stay sane and get together when we have the chance to. She's actually on the district board of Circle K, so she's going to be helping me out with meeting and stuff.

Anywho, that's it for my post!

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August 22nd, 2006
09:06 pm
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One more post
Read it

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July 10th, 2006
06:42 pm
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Hey peeps
So, new things in my life:

1) I have a job, I make 15/hour working for boeing through dell. Only a temporary contract though.
2) I have my car again, but it needs fixing.
3) I want to move out and get some roommates my age.
4) I need more friends with more similar interests.
5) People over here are freakin' weird.

Yep, that's about it

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April 21st, 2006
11:32 pm
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Aaaand I'm bikeless
I've just been informed that my bike was stolen.

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April 20th, 2006
01:56 am
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How likely is it for you?
I could probably put this on quizilla or something.

(GPA*(|time with friends-time doing homework|)*(number of past girlfriends*number of current girlfriends)*number of times you slept with each)/(number of times you've moved*month of year)=likelihood of becoming a teenage father

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April 17th, 2006
09:26 pm
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Guess where I spend my life?

MoreCollapse )

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April 16th, 2006
11:01 pm
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No more, no less
I was making some eggs and reached into my cabinet to grab some salt and noticed something. my sugar shaker was empty, along with me 1/4 lb bag of sugar. I haven't used sugar in about 2 months, and the bag was almost full and the shaker was full.
I then realized that he makes coffee every morning.....fucking roommate used all my sugar.

I wrote a note and stuck it inside the cabinet so next time he reaches in there for something of mine, he'll see it.
"if you feel the need to use something that belongs to another person, ask to use it before you use it. Thank you. PS you owe me a bag of sugar, no more no less"
this is the second time he's done this. first time was when i came back from spring break "Oh hey, I used some of your oatmeal"
There were 2 packets left out of a 6 packet box. And that was an unopened box. Now at the time I was a little disgruntled by this. But I just figured it was a one time thing.
Last week at night I had a hungering for oatmeal, so I went into the kitchen to get those last 2 packets and eat them.
Lo' and behold, roommate was eating those 2 packets! He was surprised to see me and started to say that he didn't think I would be awake so he didn't want to ask.
I was really pissed at this moment, but I didn't want to create any fall-out so I told him he owed me oatmeal.
He bought a large box and gave me 5 packets.

fucking cheap ass roommate.

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04:51 am
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net use * \\hypercube\osinstalls
I've got this eve growing feeling that I won't ever be able to make friends around here. I'm hoping that come tuesday, when my english course starts, I'll be able to make some friends.
BCC doesn't appear to be the most sociable of places, and they don't do that great a job at advertising crap. Maybe it's just me. But at WSU they had a really strong student body, with tabling going on everywhere. I walk around BCC and see none. Just billboard everywhere with posters on them that are rarely looked at. the C building, which is the student union building, is always crowded. I was speaking with someone in a class of mine about it. Turns out that the library is currently being renovated, so they've turned the student lounge into the library, which is why it's always crowded over there.
I'm hoping that they will finish with the damn library, he tells me that they've always been working on some sort of remodeling project at BCC.
The campus layout isn't that bad. It's just N building, which contains all the computer labs, is on the far end of the campus instead of near the middle.
I think it's also fault to my lack of socialness on campus. In my classes I'm perfectly fine. However last week was a testament to how sociable I am. Since my day class starts next week, last week consisted of me just sitting at home when not in class, which was on tuesday and thursday evenings. Friday and saturday were the only days when i really got to see people. Yesterday I got there at 10 and stayed till 3pm. I slept over at brandons house and I got incredibly jealous of him, he's now running 1TB (1,000GB) in his desktop computer. I hung out and did random crap. We went up to lab at 7am, he was going to go buy a bunch of wood for his project, tom, the lead tech was in their group. he let me into the lab and I just worked on the gateways.
I got to inventory all 22 of them and make labels for them. After that we did a load test of the gateways by copying the windows 98se installation folder to each of them, at the same time. took about 13 minutes. but setting it up took about 5 hours. It would have gone faster except It was just me setting them up.
That's pretty much been the highlight of my entire week. Tomorrow I'm going to have dinner with Jamie, she's one of the people in my group, she invited us all over to have dinner with her tomorrow night. Kay, the other guy in my group is going to give me a ride to his place.
Well, I'm going to get some food. I'm hungry!

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April 12th, 2006
12:21 am
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My Roommate shall have his right hand removed with a rusty spoon and force-fed to him through his ass if he touches any of my food without asking me.

The bastard ate the last of my oatmeal!

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April 11th, 2006
05:19 am
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New roomie!
My new roommate is like a grown up version of Brian Yin.

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April 9th, 2006
06:21 am
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You know you want it

Adonis Hungering for Massage and Erotic Delights

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April 5th, 2006
09:04 pm
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Spring Break and more news!
Sorry about the huge delay in posting. But i didn't feel like updating >:)

Yup, my spring break was last week. I went back to Pullman for the entire week to visit friends and stuff. I guess you could say it was the normal "Oh I've missed you so much, lets hang out!" facade. unfortunately all my friends are still in high school and I didn't have the strong urge to visit them everyday during lunch and go to their classes.
So I only went up to the highschool once so see everyone. Then I hung out with my closer friends after that. I went tot he Circle K meeting and hung out with Aisha, Nicole, And Sarah. They're still hella cool. I hung out with them all the next day and I also worked on Sarah's laptop a teensy bit too.
Talking to all my highschool friends that all figured out what I had figured out a year ago, pullman sucks. There really isn't all that much to do. It's almost as bad as Colfax, except you can go to college parties on top of getting drunk and pregnant.
Everyone was happy to see me. I didn't go say hi to Nick at all that week. I'm not really sure why but I didn't feel that urge to hang out with anyone in particular that entire week, I was sorta tired of everyone from pullman and just wanted to forget everything I guess. Sounds a little anti-social, wouldn't you say?

In other news! This quarter has started off fairly well. Except that the Class I was going to take for English 101 got canceled. So I've been dropped into some random class with  a crappy teacher, at least according to RMP. I have English 101, Animation 120, and Tech 293. I went to the orientation yesterday for 293, it was hella cool. Seeing everyone again from last quarters 293 who took 294. The open labs are going to be friday saturday and sunday, 9am-3pm. I need to get ten hours in each week but I'm going to shoot for 18. And on top of that I'll be going to WTA with Jamie, so we plan on getting the most hours out of everyone.
I've already purchased all my books on Amazon and I should get them all by this weekend. unfortunately for me we'll be using the book in 120, but I should hopefully be able to survive! I gotta get my grade sorted out with the Animation 115 instructor so that I'm actually on the roll call for 120, otherwise I'm in trouble!
I didn't know the English 101 class was late start so today I went to the room, got there about 10 minutes early and there were only 3 students. I figured that nobody had showed up yet so I grabbed a seat and waited. ten minutes rolled by and still nobody had showed up. We started to get a little curious as to what was going on but we patiently waited. another ten minutes rolled by and still nobody had showed up!
One of the students went to the student center to see what was up. I went out into the hall to see if we had all ended up in the wrong room by accident. I eventually ended up in an office down the hall and asked the woman at the desk. She told me it was late start, the class starts on the 18th! I went back and told everyone that we were 14 days early for class!
Well, I guess i'll be seeing all of them in 2 weeks!

My schedule this quarter is as follows:

Animation 120: N209 7:50-10 Tuesday and Thursday
English 101: R208 12:30-2:40 Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Tech 293: B140 9-3 Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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March 14th, 2006
09:26 pm
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Well, Randy my roommate is moving out. He's been here barely a little over a month and he's going to move out.
He got an awesome job offer in central washington and also found a cheap place over there, so He's taking the job.

Tao my landlord, also blew out his knee playing soccer >.<

I talked to him via email and I'm going to be showing people around. He'll be calling me when someone calls him and sets up an appointment.
This will also give me and david the opportunity to meet people and let us get to know them first, and scare them away if we don't like them :P

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March 11th, 2006
01:16 am
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Remember Sharon? The crazy lady who got evicted from the house?
I found a video and the lady in it reminds me of her.

watch it

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March 8th, 2006
12:11 am
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I want to create a site at

It'll be the best site ever. It'll be like a dating servive, but totally anonymous.
When you register, you'll be given a persons profile.
You'll be told as little information as you need to start, the person your given will have created a set of quizes, you have to answer all of the questions correctly to meet them.
And you have to follow them around and collect as much information as you possibly can.

It'll be the best site ever :)

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February 26th, 2006
05:19 pm
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Guys should check this out
One of those great mysteries explained, cup sizes.

Breast Sizes

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February 22nd, 2006
06:38 pm
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Ninjas forever!

Gang attacks teenager with swords, allegedly over love

Stabby McStab Stab!

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February 11th, 2006
06:58 pm
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I'm really beginning to wonder how long I'm going to be here. Like. whats the point of going to BCC if I'll be here for just 2 quarters? I've sorta been planning to apply to go to Emily Carr Institute of Art Design this fall. But Now I'm wanting to stay here. I really like Bellevue and where I live, it's a really great place. And I want to maybe do a two year degree in Animation or something. I'm sure that the classes I'll take for Animation will transfer, if I'm lucky. The reason I'm wondering this is because my Portfolio is due next week on the 14th. I just finished transferring my portfolio to my Blog, Here.
 I need to write an essay now, this is what they want:

Write a 500 word essay about a contemporary artist, designer or film maker that interests you or on an exhibition or film recently viewed. What are you thinking about when you view this work? Please enclose your essay inside your portfolio case.

I had sorta decided what I would write about a month or so ago. I think I'm going to write about Memento and how even though the movie starts at the end and ends at the start, it never loses the viewer. It's a really awesome movie, I'm about to start on it (yeah, that's write, I'm just NOW starting on the essay), but I'm not sure if I really want to.

So should I really apply to emily carr?

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February 9th, 2006
04:36 pm
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Linux on Thumbdrive
I recently bought myself a 256mb Thumbdrive. it was a MIR so while I bought it for 20 bucks, it cost be about 10.

In all honesty, I really need like 64 for daily needs, so what am I going to do with this extra 192 MB of space?


I've heard about builds of linux small enough for a thumdrive and of people putting linux on their thumbdrive, however I never actually tried it.

So I decided to try it.

My first attempt was with feather linux, since the instructions were very simple, download the image, extract it to the root of the thumbdrive, download a program called syslinux, and run that at the thumbdrive.

When I tested it I had a massive amount of errors and gave up on that.

My second attempt was with Damn Small Linux using a tutorial from here.

Once again I got errors and no success. I looked at the errors and found that it couldn't find the proper resolution for my laptop.

Dismayed by failure I looked around for other builds to try. I found puppy linux but I didn't want to burn a cd just to try it. The USB installer was on the cd and I had to boot off it to try it since it was the live cd.

After some thought I realized that the error I had with feather linux was that I couldn't get it to boot.

I thought this over and realized that while reading the instructions, Rob never specified the process to get it to boot. Plus he had me use an older version of syslinux, 2.11 instead of the latest, 3.11 due to the limitations of the newer one.

I decided to combine the knowledge I had gleaned from the tutorial for DSL with that of the feather tutorial, to create:

Me Tutorial

Installing Linux on your thumbdrive

So you're wanting to install linux on your thumbdrive, eh? Well here's how to do it with Feather Linux!
1) Download Feather Linux USB edition
The file you want to download is called, where 0.x.x is the version number, at the time of this posting, the latest version is 0.7.5, however, I used 0.7.4, but it should still work, I'll try 0.7.5 later.

If you're computer can't boot off usb, there is a boot floppy you can use, if that doesn't work, there's an alternate one you can use. I haven't tried either of these, so don't yell at me if they don't work. These boot image links can be found on the Feather linux site.

2) Download Syslinux.
The file I downloaded was called

Download and install HP USB disk storage device format tool.
We're going to use this to completely whipe the drive and repartition it.

4) Download Boot essentials.
We're going to use this to create a bootable drive after formatting. Extract it to a folder, preferably on the C drive in a folder called feather with sub-directory bootessentials.

5)Format Thumbdrive and get it ready.
To format the drive, we're going to use the format utility we just installed. Run it. If you don't remember where it is, it should be in start menu>all programs>Hewlett-Packard Company.

For device, select your thumbdrive. make sure you don't have any other usb storage devices attached, just in case.

For file system, select FAT, not FAT 32.

Give it a name, preferably "I love Ahmed" or something.

don't check "quick format", and we are going to create a ms-dos startup disk. For the path in the format utility, put c:\\ feather\\ bootessentials\\ boot, if you were smart and put it where I said to, if not, change the path as required.

Click start. a warning box will appear, continue through that.

6)Extract Feather Linux USB edition to thumbdrive.
That's right, extract the Feather Linux archive you downloaded in step 1 do the thumbdrive.

7)Run syslinux
Go find where you downloaded syslinux and extract it to a folder, like c:\feather\syslinux-3.11

go to your start menu and go to the run. type in cmd if your on XP, Command if you're on a older Windows release.

type "cd \" to return to the root of the hard drive, then navigate to where you extracted syslinux, if you extracted it where I suggested you to, just type "cd c: \feather \syslinux-3.11" and it'll take you right there. Navigate to a sub-directory called win32 by typing "cd win32".

now depending on the drive letter of the thumbdrive, you would type "syslinux E:" if you're thumbdrive were on the E drive.

8)Reboot your computer
When you reboot your computer, make sure you have the thumbdrive attached. The BIOS has to detect it in post, otherwise it's not going to work. Enter Bios and change the boot order so that it boots off your thumbdrive before your hard drive.

Save setting and exit bios. Your computer should now load Feather Linux off of the thumbdrive!

This worked on my first attempt at my own method. I'm not really sure that using bootessentials is neccesary, but it might be. I'll be testing this various ways to see if certain things I mentioned are really neccessary.

If you decided to try this out, please comment with your experience!

Read it here too

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02:38 pm
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e DOES have magical properties!
So today in math we went over compounded interest. I've basically done all this before so it wasn't very new.

However when he introduced the class to Compounded interest continuosly, he showed what e meant in a way that hadn't been shown to me before. This is how he did it:

Lets say we have 1 dollar and we're earning 100% on it.

So we would use the equation A=P(1+r)^t

So to found how much we have after one year, substitute the values and solve

A=1(1+1)= 2

So we would have 2 dollars after one year.

How about if we compound it semi-annually?

A=1(1+1/2)^2= 2.25

We would have 2.25 at the end of the year.


A=1(1+1/4)^4= 2.44140625

We would have 2.44 at the end of the year.

how about daily?


We would have 2.71 at the end of the year.

Lets get a little crazy, every hour!


We would have 2.72 at the end of the year.

All out! every second!


Lets look back at all this,

We started out compounding annually and got as crazy as compounding every second. From annual to semi-annual we noticed a large difference of a quarter. From there it was 19 cents, when we compounded quarterly it was 27 cents, when we went to hourly it was a sad 1 cent.

Whats my point? lets take a look at the numerical value of e.

I input e^1 into my calculator and get 2.71828182846

look familiar?

Lets look back real quick at our other values:


As we compound more and more often, we get closer to e.

As we increase the number of times we compound, it occurs more often. Eventually it occurs so frequently it's almost like it happening constantly.
That's what e is, it occurs constantly.

Of course the values I use aren't totally accurate. As soon as I got into the big numbers, hourly and secondly, that's when I hit the limit of my TI-86, so those aren't the exact values for those two, but everything else is fairly accurate I believe.This totally blew my mind, like this is crazy cool. Of course don't take what I said as a definition of e, it's WAY more complicated then that.
I recommend checking wikipedia on that one, they probably have a much better explanation about it.

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09:12 am
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I ended up biking to the orientation. I left at 2:10 and got there at about 3:05.

And contrary to what the Metro telephone guy said, there's a bus that'll get me within a mile of there!

I rode it back to crossroads and biked the last mile home.

I got a cool little packet when I went to orientation, filled out a bunch of forms, then I had to reschedule for next week since I didn't have a form of id showing my eligibility to work in the US.

So that leaves me open for today so I can be there when the Comcast service man shows up and go to the meeting with that crazy indian guy (I went to that presentation on tuesday, so not for me).

I'm going to make sure it doesn't work for Comcast, Normally I can get it to work by leaving it unplugged for awhile then plugging it back in, I can usually get about 8 minutes of net time that way.

So I'm going to leave it plugged in when it's disconnected so when he comes in it's NOT going to be working for him. Then he'll have to give me a new modem :)

The real ahmed is located here

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February 7th, 2006
02:26 pm
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Lemme rephrase from my previous post. My orientation is tomorrow at 3pm, that's wednsday, I "start" work (if I'm lucky) at 4pm on thursday.


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